Culinary Recruitment pilot project is live!

We’re pleased to offer you access to a pilot project for culinary talent!

The BCHA is working with go2HR and Joel Chevalier’s Culinary Recruitment International (CRI) on a pilot project for properties that require culinary talent but do not meet CRI’s minimum hire requirement of 5 for on-line or 15 for an in-person trip. This means properties needing one or two culinary hires are able to access this service.

How will it work?

CRI will fly Dennis Green (Director, Industry Training, go2HR) on the next recruitment trip to Morocco to interview on behalf of the properties seeking culinary talent. Dennis has more than 20 years’ experience as a Red Seal chef and left his position as Executive Chef at Bishop’s Restaurant in Vancouver in 2007 to join go2HR. Dennis was inducted into the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame in 2015 in recognition of his contribution to the cook apprenticeship training system in BC. His expertise will be key in securing talented culinary workers.

The Moroccan cooks are trained in the classic French style and currently work as Sous Chefs, CDP’s and line cooks.

CRI will screen applicants and arrange for Dennis to meet candidates on your behalf. During his trip you will be given a time slot to review the applicants that Dennis has selected as your candidates. CRI will then arrange a short Skype conversation for you and the candidate, to approve their hire.

Next steps:

This pilot-project is designed to assist properties looking for 1-4 cooks with an all-in cost of $1,900 per cook, which includes Government fees, visas, and tax. This fee per employee is due only once a candidate has been secured.*

*A deposit will be required with the job order to confirm your commitment.

Note: Employers must confirm that accommodation is available for incoming employees.

If this sounds like it could work for your organization please email Joel Chevalier at [email protected]

Please email no later than January 4th, 2019, for the February Interviews taking place in Morocco.

For more information about Culinary Recruitment International, visit the website here:

Click here for job order form.

Click here for CRI info sheet.